Students Walk In On Exam Day Then They See THIS Written On Their Desks

Nothing sends shivers up a student’s spine quite like the word “EXAM!” Not only are the exams tough but there’s the associated stress of not knowing what to expect and the anxious wait for the exam too. This teacher came up with a brilliant idea to help students cope

Nurse Puts Mom’s Newborn In A Cardboard Box. Then She Touches The Bottom And Feels “It”…

This hospital sticks newborn babies straight into a hard cardboard box. Sounds strange right? The reason is deeper than most of us realize. In a new, year-long project, Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA, will give free “baby boxes” to all moms who deliver there. The idea is to

Back In 1887, Nurses Had To Follow THESE 9 Rules. The Final One? This Is Shocking

When we hear the word “hero,” we typically think of those rushing into burning buildings, fighting on the battlefield, or defending us from criminal activity. And while certainly those deeds are heroic and deserve our full respect, there are many other professions that don’t always get such recognition. At

He Squeezes Into A Tiny Red Speedo, But Watch When The Music Starts – I’m In TEARS!

When this guy decided to put on a red speedo, he wanted to show the world something. He didn’t just want to show off his dance moves (10 out of 10 awesomeness!) but he wants us all to know how great it is to be totally confident in yourself

Steve Harvey Kept A Secret From His Wife Of 9 Years. When He Reveals The Truth, She Breaks Down

Steve Harvey invited his wife of 9 years, Marjorie, to his hit talk show under the disguise that Marjorie would be helping to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, little did she know that Steve was about to completely surprise her with a moving confession. This is a side of Steve

He Lines Up $35.50 In Pennies On A Boring Table. Hours Later, It Looks Like A Million Bucks

What do you do with over 3,500 pennies and an old table? You create an awesome new piece of furniture that looks beautiful! You don’t have to use pennies but this video below shows you how it’s done – who knew something like this is so simple? Please SHARE

Justin Timberlake Starts Dancing Under An Overpass. But Watch Who Joins Him…Amazing!

Justin Timberlake has just about everyone from the neighborhood dancing along with him in his new video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” From a grocery store employee, to a business man, and even a trucker, they can’t stop moving their feet in the lively video. Of course, the star

Ellen’s Guest FLIPS OUT In Front Of The Audience, Then She Looks Behind Her And Suddenly Sees It…

During a recent taping of “The Ellen Show,” Ellen stunned one audience member, Mary, with a call from her husband, Chris, who was away from home for military training in Missouri. Chris revealed that due to certain conditions, he wasn’t able to come home for their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About Kevin Spacey

We all know Kevin Spacey from film classics like The Usual Suspects, Se7en, and American Beauty. More recently, Kevin Spacey has become a household name since Netflix’s release of House Of Cards. Here are fifteen little-known facts about one of our favorite actors. 1/15. When he was younger, Kevin

Stranger Accuses Mom Of “Spoiling” Her Baby So Mom Decides To Do This

When a stranger rudely told Kelly that she would “spoil her baby” as she held her child while shopping, Kelly didn’t respond to the woman’s impolite comment but rather with the quiet dignity of being a mother. She wrote her an eye-opening letter to her and this is what