This Girl Did This After A Boy At School Undid Her Bra. What Followed Is Incredible

This kind of thing happens way too often in schools and its time things changed. This mom bravely stands up against this school and I salute her. If you agree with her, share this with your friends today and spread the message.

3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me In My 20’s

Living in your 20’s is a strange decade in your life. You might start it off at college, at a job, or still deciding what to do in your life. There’s a whole load of uncertainty ahead and most of us would say this decade is one of the

This Man Tried To Kill A Spider But Spawned A Terrifying Nightmare Instead

Recently in Australia, a guy found a giant freaking spider lurking about his home and as any normal person would, he grabbed the bug spray and doused the spider with poison. After spraying and killing the spider however, a nightmare erupted from the belly of the spider that is

The Worst Danger About Facebook That We Don’t Want To Admit

Let me get the record straight. Facebook is awesome. I love it and use it daily, if not hourly. But there’s something I’ve come to realize about Facebook and we all know it… but we don’t want to admit it. My realization? Facebook has not improved my life. We