Touching A Stranger’s Hand Prank On The Escalator Is The Most Awkward Thing Ever

A bunch of pranksters recently came up with a hilarious and yet supremely awkward prank. They briefly touched the hands of strangers on the escalator and recorded their reactions. Some of them were genuinely surprised, some were confused but the guy with the wedding ring? He just stole our

Teen Working At Taco Bell Makes Odd Hand Gestures At Customer. Then His Boss Says THIS To Him

Caleb Francis, an 18 year old Taco Bell employee and student, was recently filmed making “odd gestures” at a customer. In fact, Caleb had been taking sign language classes and it turned out to be very fateful… and it could turn out to be one of the best decisions

Chef Is Confused When Her Boss Takes Her Outside In The Middle Of The Day. Then It Clicks

Any parent knows how hard it can be to leave your child at day care. Not only is it no fun at all to be separated from your little one, but you also want to make sure that you can trust the people working there to take good care

She Taking Photos In An Abandoned Home When She Zooms In And Suddenly Sees The Shocking Truth

Leslie is an urban explorer who explores and photographs abandoned buildings. Urban exploration is the exploration of man-made structures, places usually abandoned or hidden from the general public. On her birthday, she made one last stop at a house that had always intrigued her. Little did she know that

Dad Abandons Her On A Dirt Road. But He Never Expects To See Her With This In The Mirror

This is the story of a married couple who decides add to their family by adopting a pretty red-headed girl. Everything is going well at first and the family are all getting along great. However, the adopted daughter starts making innocent mistakes around the house, for example she accidentally

Childhood Bully Asks Her On A Date. But Instead Of Showing Up, She Has The Waiter Hand Him THIS

When she was just 12 years old, Louisa Manning horribly bullied by an older boy at school. He called her horrible names, like “hairy” and “manbeast.” He made fun of her for being overweight. The bullying got so bad that Louisa developed an eating disorder… But come college, Louisa

Teacher Has A Strange Feeling About Her Ex-Student But When She Looks At His Face? HORRIFYING!

Mrs Berry, a science teacher, was going about her day teaching her sixth grade class when she suddenly heard strange sounds coming from right outside her classroom door. She knew something was wrong, so she stopped her lesson and peeked outside in the hallway. That’s when Berry noticed her

I Had No Idea Going Braless Could Do THIS To My Breasts! Thank God I Know Now…

As a woman, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my bras. Today, bras are part of everyday life as a woman, worn by the majority of ladies with the belief that they provide much needed chest support. But how much of the bra’s supposed usefulness is real… and

Teen Screams Out In Pain But When Doctors Cut Off Her Pants? They’re SHOCKED By What’s Under It

Teenager Amber screams out in pain – she has no idea what’s happening to her body. As she’s rushed to ER, nurses cut off her pants when they immediately see something they didn’t expect. Amber was giving birth! It might seem almost impossible that a woman can go through

She Gives Birth To Rare Twins. But When The Doctors Hold Them Up, She Suddenly Sees It

When Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite found out they were having twins, they were over the moon. But they crash landed back on earth when the doctors told them they were having monoamniotic twins. Monoamniotic twins, or “mono mono” twins, are siblings that share the same amniotic sac, and they’re