Nasty Girls Play Homecoming Prank On Teen, Then 2 Friends Teach Her Bullies A Lesson In Kindness

In 2014, a group of unnamed students at Grand Prairie High School in Texas played a horrible joke on an innocent classmate. They told a senior named Lillian Skinner that she’d been nominated for homecoming court. Lillian was ecstatic — but it was all just a cruel prank. She

Can You Figure Out The Mystery Inside This Shocking Video About High School Love?

Evan, a high school student, is bored in the school library one day when he decides to scribble the words “I am bored” on his table. But when he came back the next day, he noticed that someone had unexpectedly written back to him! The messages continue for a

His Wife Dies 3 Weeks After Wedding So He Logs Into Her Blog And Makes A Shocking Realization

28-year-old Meghan Baker was over the moon to be married to the man of her dreams, Adam. She was suffering from breast cancer but determined to fight and be a good partner and wife to Adam. She started a blog called “Bee’s Knees” to document her journey – Meghan

3 Weeks After Perfect Wedding, Bride Wakes Up With A Frightening Realization About Her Marriage

Just 19 days after her dream wedding, Justice Stamper was driving in her car making a left turn when another car crashed right into her. Miraculously, Justice survived, but a few weeks into her recovery, she made a heartbreaking realization. Not only did Justice suffer from PTSD and speech

She Lines Up $150 In Pennies On An Ugly Floor. Days Later, It Looks Like A Million Bucks

For most of us, decorating a home is a great way to let your personality shine! Tonya recently decided to revamp her floors – but instead of using hardwood or tile, she opted to use pennies! It sounds odd but wait till you see the stunning final result below!

This Sick Boy Died Recently And His Family Just Found The Incredible Message He Left

Marshall Clark was diagnosed with Batten disease in 2013. Batten disease is a rare, degenerative disorder of the nervous system. It is fatal. Within 18 months of his diagnosis, Marshall lost his vision and ability to move freely, as well as his ability to communicate. Things were not going

His Wife Of 60 Years Dies, Then He Looks In Her Wallet And Sees A Note She Kept Hidden

Jimmy and Billie Breland got married in 1954. The happy couple from Mississippi enjoyed 60 blissful years of love and marriage. Their family grew and expanded from children to grandchildren. But tragically, Billie passed away recently at the age of 83. Jimmy’s heart was broken in two… Billie was

911 Operator Takes Call From Terrified Teen And Hears Her Tapping The Phone Using Secret Code

15-year-old Doyin was home alone when robbers broke into her house. Terrified, she quickly ran into her parent’s room and hid in their closet, crouching over as she dialed 911. The operator who picked up her call was 12-year-veteran police dispatcher Angie Rivera. Angie immediately realized she needed to

Mom Finds Out Autistic Employee Wrote On Her Cake, Then Tells The Store Manager This

Mother Lisa Aldrich bought a birthday cake at her local grocery store – she asked one of the employees to decorate the cake but when she received it, she was totally shocked. Upon first glance, it’s obvious the writing on the cake is horrible. But this wasn’t some kind

Couple Gets Pregnant With Their First Child But Picks Out His Casket Before He’s Even Born

T.K and Deidrea Lauxs were over the moon when they discovered they were having their first baby together. But that joy turned to deep anguish when they learnt something was wrong with their newborn baby boy. Baby Thomas was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, a chromosomal condition associated with severe