1920s Family Lines Up Their 13 Kids. But Watch When The Car Pulls Up…

Having two to three kids is already a challenge but what if it’s the 1920’s and you have 13 kids? Yes that’s right… THIRTEEN!

That’s what happened to this family and their story is really interesting – along with the captivating photos of them. The photo series captures life for this family but wait till their car pulls up!


The family includes the mother and father, 10 girls, two boys, and a baby whose sex isn’t revealed. These photos are taken by photographer Leslie Jones who worked for the Boston Herald-Traveler.

Jones was well-known and popular for covering small, slice-of-life stories like this.


The photos represent a little snapshot of their life – here they’re lining up outside the house but wait till their car comes!


The eldest children were teenagers when these photos were taken, and besides the infant, the youngest looked to be about 4.


Needless to say, that’s a lot of kids! It probably meant a lot of sharing, hard work, and hand-me-down clothes. But they look to have made things work.


Plus Mom and Dad seemed rightfully proud of their brood!


Of course, with a family this large comes extra chores. Polishing everyone’s shoes, for example, was no small task. But like with any family, they had a system.

But their next system was even better…


The family only had one car, but they developed a unique way to fit everyone inside for road trips.

We hope they weren’t going too far, though, because this doesn’t look too safe!

But times were different, and cars were considerably slower. Still, let’s hope this was not a common practice.


Check out the baby in Mom’s arms in the front passenger seat. Car seats weren’t a thing in the 1920s I guess.

Don’t try this at home!


But while they might have all fit into one car, it looks like they couldn’t fit under one umbrella!


Well…they tried!

It’s pretty amazing to see these photos from so long ago and see how things have changed, but also how they haven’t.

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