An Autistic Child Kept Grabbing His Arm. When He Does This, Mom Is Blown Away

Any parent knows that when travelling, one of the most dreaded moments is trying to survive the plane ride. Little children were just not built for long rides having to sit still and the changing cabin pressure might trigger a total meltdown.

Shannell was on a flight with her daughter Kate – Kate has autism which makes it very difficult for her to sit still. Kate began reaching for the serious-looking businessman next to them who was trying to get some work done on the flight. Instead of giving them a dirty look, the businessman reacts in a way that Shannell has never seen before.

Watch what happens in the video below:

The businessman’s name is Eric Kunkel and we salute him for having the patience and love to play with little Kate during a difficult trip. He truly has a heart of gold and even upon hearing the thank-you letter from mom, it brings him to tears.

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