Bride Has No Idea What Her Dad’s Hiding. When He Finally Shows Her? She’s Completely Shocked

For Jodie McCarthy, her dream wedding was becoming a reality with everything going smoothly and Jodie and her husband were enjoying every moment. However, for Jodie’s dad, he was battling his emotions – he was immensely happy to see his daughter get married and yet he was understandably also very sad and emotional to give his daughter away.

So when Jodie’s dad stood up to deliver his speech, he didn’t do a speech. Instead, as he didn’t trust himself to get through a speech without having his emotions get the best of him, he decided to do something completely different… and it left Jodie speechless.

Watch this amazing video below:

I think he was able to say exactly what he was feeling, and judging by the bride’s reaction, his message got across loud and clear. There always is and will be a special bond between fathers and daughters that always seems to show a new depth on her wedding day.

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