Dad Hides Tape Recorder In Autistic Son’s Pocket. After School, He Hears This Shocking Message

Stuart’s son, Akian, is a gentle and quiet boy who has autism. However Stuart heard some shocking news when teachers told him Akian was becoming violent at school. Dad knew that this was not part of Stuart’s normal behavior.

As the school wouldn’t provide him with any answers or assistant, Stuart decided to take things into his own hands. He sent Akian to school with a hidden tape recorder in his pocket but when he got home, nothing could prepare him for what he heard.

Stuart uploaded it to YouTube to describe the situation and share the shocking audio to get opinions and advice. Watch the short video below:

While some may have a problem with a child using a recording device, many people applaud Stuart for taking the steps to help his son when no one else would. As a parent, what would you have done?

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