Dad Shows Up At School After Daughter Disobeys Him. Then Teachers See What He’s Wearing

Scott Mackintosh was getting a little fed up with his teenage daughter Myley’s behavior. Every Monday is family night for the Mackintosh clan, where they do an activity together.

On one particular family night, the family was going out to play miniature golf and get dinner together. Scott requested that Myley change her outfit, as he believed her shorts were a little too revealing for the outing. He only asked her to change for this one occasion, not all the time, so what was the big deal?

Myley refused. Scott didn’t lose his cool, he just decided to get a little creative with how he would teach his daughter a lesson. While at dinner, Scott slipped away and actually cut his pair of jeans into a very revealing pair of Daisy Dukes.

Even his wife could not believe what she was seeing! Myley was naturally embarrassed and shocked. Dad was just showing her that maybe these shorts weren’t as cute as she thought and that Myley shouldn’t invest so much in her appearance when she has so much more to offer on the inside.

But it didn’t stop there. Scott even showed up to school wearing the Daisy Dukes! Eventually, Myley got her dad’s message loud and clear.

“Mostly, I just learned the lesson of how much he loves me,” Myley said.

Fathers and daughters may always butt heads about these kinds of things, but as long as their hearts are in the right place, isn’t that all that really matters?

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