Daughter Records Teachers Bullying Her. When Dad Listens, He Marches Down There And Does This

Cheyanne, a special needs student, kept coming home from school upset. When Brian asked her why, Cheyanne revealed her teachers bullied her. Brian reported the incidents to the school’s administration, and the teachers said she was lying. Cheyanne then brought an audio recorder to school and secretly taped the harassment for four days. When Brian heard it, he cried.

“Are you that damn dumb?” the tape revealed a teacher and teaching aide as the abusers. “It’s no wonder you don’t have friends. No wonder nobody likes you because you lie, cheat.’’

In one of the recordings, the teachers don’t let Cheyanne hand in a test, assuming that she already failed it. In another, they force Cheyanne to ride a treadmill as punishment, accuse her of breaking it, then force her to run in place… in front of the entire class.

“Listening to seven hours’ worth of stuff on this tape, we were up all night, crying, upset, because we didn’t understand why,’’ Brian said.

But there’s good news. Brian brought the evidence to the school. The teacher was immediately asked to resign and the teaching aide was put on leave. Brian filed a civil suit against the school district and was granted $300,000 in damages.

Watch the shocking video here:

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