15,000 Carefully Stacked Dominoes Fall In A Mesmerizing Design With A Big Twist

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not exactly a patient person. In fact I was standing in line behind someone who never noticed when the queue shifted and it really took all of my strength not to shove her forward.

The people who create intricate designs like the one below, however, definitely have far more tolerance for taking their time. The use of dominoes to create geometric patterns and intricate artwork — only to have them tumble down as soon as they’ve finished building them — just adds to the beauty of this temporary art.

It took Hevesh, a professional domino artist, around 25 hours for her to complete every section of this 15,000 domino masterpiece below. I thought the whole thing was going to come down together but Hevesh had a different plan. She calls this the “triple spiral” – you’ll see why.

Take a look below to see the moment they all crash in a stunning display.

I would definitely give up after the first few crumbles, but I’m glad folks like Hevesh are more dedicated and able to share the mesmerizing results with the rest of us!

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