Farmer Begs His Horse Not To Die. Now Watch What She Does With Her Leg

Farmer Marek Slodkowski walked into his barn one day and discovered the unthinkable. His horse named Freedom had fallen into a deep maintenance pit. Marek had been raising horses on his pasture for 13 years, but never had he experienced anything like this.

Marek frantically started to stuff the pit with hay in the hopes that it would give the horse the height to push herself out. It didn’t work. He called the fire department and the workers came in droves. They tried ropes but nothing worked.

“Don’t die. Don’t die,” Marek whispered to her, as he stroked her mane. Freedom looked like she was drifting off, tired of fighting. It was then that Freedom suddenly had an idea of her own and it started with her front leg…

Watch this dramatic rescue video below:

With the love of her human, Freedom was able to save herself. Please SHARE if you’re happy Freedom was liberated!