Her Dad Died Before The Wedding, Then Groom Shocks The Bride With What’s On Front Of His Shirt

Shannon was always a bridesmaid, never a bride… until she met Don, the love of her life. Not only did Shannon and Don fall deeply in love, but she also found an instant family with Don’s two sons. When Shannon and Don got engaged, she couldn’t wait for her father to not only walk her down the aisle, but also to dance with her at the reception. After all, most brides consider the father-daughter dance one of the most memorable moments of her wedding day.

Before the wedding, Shannon’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and tragically passed away. She was completely devastated.

Fast-forward to her wedding day, when Don revealed an incredible secret he’d been keeping from his bride. He spent months planning this and it shows…

Watch this incredible video below:

Not a single dry eye in the room!

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