His Wife Dies 3 Weeks After Wedding So He Logs Into Her Blog And Makes A Shocking Realization

28-year-old Meghan Baker was over the moon to be married to the man of her dreams, Adam. She was suffering from breast cancer but determined to fight and be a good partner and wife to Adam.

She started a blog called “Bee’s Knees” to document her journey – Meghan shared a raw, honest and personal account of her experience living through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Meghan’s husband, Adam, played a huge role in her blog. He remained by her side every step along the way.

As the cancer quickly spread throughout her body, Meghan’s online following continued to grow. Her 1,200 readers rallied behind her, inspired by her strength and determination to fight the disease.

Sadly only 3 weeks after she married Adam, Meghan succumbed to her disease. She took with her her list of hopes and dreams.

That’s when Adam decided to log onto her blog and he discovered one post that hit him hard.

Watch their incredibly touching story below:

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