It Looks Like Her Back Is Broken… But Wait Till She Turns Around

This girl suffers from a condition called scoliosis – it’s where the spine has an abnormal curvature. Scoliosis sufferers may sometimes only have a slight bend and so these people normally learn to live with their condition. However for her, it was so severe with a 90 degree spine curvature that there was only one solution. Doctors recommended surgery but it was extremely risky…

This is what she looked like with her spinal fusion on a 90 degree curve.

The curvature of her spine was very serious – and it was only getting worse over time. She had no choice but to go under the knife.

After a grueling time in the operating theatre, the surgeons were able to minimize the curve down to less than 20 degrees using surgical supports.

Another post-op x-ray from the side.
Another post-op x-ray.

The recovery process took a long time, with lots of back pain and other complications. However, she persevered despite the pain and set backs.

This is how her back looked 3 days after the surgery, stapled together. It almost looks like a Halloween costume but it’s real.

1 week post operation! Already a huge improvement but many simple things most of us take for granted were difficult – things like sitting on a chair to use her laptop or going to the toilet. But she’s a fighter!

2 weeks post operation with her large wound starting to heal.

Finally, one month after surgery.

Not only was this surgery good for her health in the long run, but as an added bonus, it straightened out her spine making her taller. Take that, high heels – no one likes you. Congratulations on the successful surgery!

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