Cameras Catch A Car Steal Jeep’s Parking Spot, So Jeep Driver Gets Clever Revenge

We’ve all probably experienced waiting for a parking spot only for an inconsiderate driver sneakily swoop past and nab the spot. Even if you haven’t have this happen to you, chances are you know someone who has.

In this security cam footage, a yellow jeep was waiting for pull into a parking spot when a red car zoomed right past to nab the spot.

In an act of frustration, the jeep driver pulls up behind the car to box him in… or so I thought. Instead, he takes things to a whole new level!

Watch this incredible event below:

Onlookers stare in complete awe that someone would ever do that. Many people questioned the legality, others applauded the effort, while a few questioned the videos authenticity.

We may never know how the driver of the red car reacted, but I can only imagine they weren’t too pleased when they got back!

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