Justin Timberlake Starts Dancing Under An Overpass. But Watch Who Joins Him…Amazing!

Justin Timberlake has just about everyone from the neighborhood dancing along with him in his new video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” From a grocery store employee, to a business man, and even a trucker, they can’t stop moving their feet in the lively video.

Of course, the star also joins in on the fun by showing off his famous dancing skills… but this can’t just be described in words, you have to watch it!

Check out this fun video below:

The upbeat song debuted at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, giving him his fifth No. 1 single. He thanked his fans and radio stations on Twitter for the impressive feat, adding, “No words.” Justin even shared a comment from one fan on Twitter who wrote, “I look like the grocery store guy when I dance to this song. Every. Time.” I’m sure she won’t be the only one!

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