Kids Pose For A Class Photo But 30 Years Later, The Teacher Looks At It Again And Sees This

Lorly Schik began her long career as a teacher back in the 1940s – and she was known around fellow teachers and students to be a wonderful teacher. And like many wonderful teachers, countless students were deeply impacted by her kind heart and unwavering guidance.

Mrs. Schik has since retired from teaching — but even after so many years, she could remember the faces of each and every student who walked into her classroom over the years.

Just when she and her husband were about to celebrate her retirement by traveling cross-country, he unexpectedly passed away. At the age of 90, life was suddenly much different than she ever could have imagined. Mrs. Schik made the emotional decision to move out of her home and into an independent living complex for seniors.

One day, Mrs. Schik turned on the tv and watched the local news channel. One of the news anchors immediately struck her. “When I first saw him, I could hardly believe it…”

See this amazing short video below to see what happens:

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