Mom Expects To Bury Son As Soon As He’s Born. When He Survives, Look Carefully At His Hair

Dustin and Sierra were about to have a baby but tragedy struck. Doctors and nurses were certain baby Bentley would die as soon as he was born. In fact, the nurses didn’t bother to clean the newborn, to weigh him, or to remove the fluid from his throat. Sierra and Dustin didn’t purchase baby supplies, only the small onesie he would be buried in.

Bentley was born with encephalocele, a fatal birth defect that caused his brain to protrude outside of a hole in his skull. BUT there was just one thing: Bentley miraculously survived!

Stunned by Bentley’s survival, Dustin and Sierra rushed him to the Boston Children’s Hospital. Bentley was still not in a good shape and that’s where Dr. John Meara came up with a plan to save him…

Watch this incredible video below to see this cutting edge technique – I would NEVER have thought of this!

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