Mom Snaps A Breastfeeding Selfie But When She Turns The Camera Around? No One’s Done This Before

New mom Briar Mcqueen was having breakfast alone for the first time with her new 8 week old son, Jaxon. She had just received her hot meal of eggs, toast and hot chocolate, when Jaxon started crying out of hunger. Briar put down her fork, pushed her plate aside, and began breastfeeding her son at the table.

However an older lady walked right up to Briar and her feeding baby — and in that moment, the new mother was nervous about what may happen next. Perhaps the elderly woman was about to cause a scene in front of the other diners, or reprimand Briar for being “inappropriate” in a public setting.

This is what Briar says about her encounter:


“I just wanted to share this really incredible moment I had this morning…”


“Today was the first time I went out for breakfast alone with my 8 week old son, I had just received my breakfast and hot chocolate when Jaxon started crying wanting his booby so of course I fed him, after a few minutes this older lady walked up to me…”


“I was scared, thinking she was gonna tell me to put my boob away.

Instead she starts cutting up my breakfast for me and said, ‘What a good mama you are, we can’t have your food getting cold can we?’”


“I honestly could have cried. Loveliest lady EVER!”

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