Mom’s Son Ignores Her Calls. 3 Years Later, He Looks Closely At Old Family Video And Sees This

As Charles Frank grew older, he felt himself growing further and further apart from his mom. It isn’t too out of the ordinary, people want to develop their career and relationships outside of their original home.

But for Charles, a filmmaker, he was also bitter that his parents never recorded any home movies of him growing up, like his parents didn’t care. But then one day, Charles’ mom asked him for help in transferring some old files to a hard drive. It was there, at the age of 21, that Charles realized his parents had recorded hours upon hours of home videos of him. Charles had watched himself learn how to ride a bike, play with his father in the yard, and walk along a sandy beach as a kid.

Craving even more insight into his past, Charles decided to dig into his cell phone — where he found 38 previously unheard voicemails. The messages were never opened, and they were all left over time by his mother, Dawn. That’s when Charles realized the truth of his mother’s love and support.

Charles created a short film called “My Baby You’ll Be,” inspired by the home movies and voicemails he discovered three months ago. The film is narrated by Dawn’s actual voicemails and features clips from the home movies from Charles’ childhood.

Watch the incredibly moving short film below:

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