Nurse Suddenly Gains Custody Of Granddaughter But A Coworker Does THIS Behind Her Back

Pam Medina (left in the photo below) is a Registered Nurse and she recently did something that left a lot of her colleagues shocked.

One day, Pam walked into the hospital break room and saw her fellow nurse, Sara Putnam, digging through a box of donated baby clothes. Pam immediately asked Sara what was going on.


Sara had recently been granted custody of her baby granddaughter, Isabella. However, Sara had no baby supplies for her newly adopted daughter, hence her frantic search through the hospital’s donation box.


Instead of just shrugging it off, Pam went home and took to various mom-focused groups on Facebook. Pam posted a heartfelt plea on behalf of Sara and Isabella, hoping generous members would be willing to donate baby supplies.

“I explained her sudden need and that she was a hard-working woman,” Pam said.


Pam was stunned by the response from mothers who were total strangers.

Before she knew it, Pam was driving all over to pick up free stuff for Isabella. It was a tireless job and she barely got sleep, but she was more than happy to do it. Everything Sara could need, like strollers, clothes and bottles, were donated. Sara had absolutely no idea what was in store!

A few days later, Pam and her husband drove to the hospital to surprise Sara…

Watch her reaction in the video below!

Sara went from having virtually nothing for Isabella to having everything she’ll need. Together, Pam and Sara broke down in tears and embraced, overwhelmed by the fact so many mothers came together to help.

“It’s the mom connection,” Pam explained. “They know what it’s like to need something.”

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