Nurse Puts Mom’s Newborn In A Cardboard Box. Then She Touches The Bottom And Feels “It”…

This hospital sticks newborn babies straight into a hard cardboard box. Sounds strange right? The reason is deeper than most of us realize.

In a new, year-long project, Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA, will give free “baby boxes” to all moms who deliver there. The idea is to decrease mothers who “co-sleep,” the practice of parents sleeping in the same bed as their babies. Done incorrectly, co-sleeping is associated with a higher risk of infant mortality. In fact, suffocation is tragically the leading cause of death among infants.

For the mothers who appear in the video, the baby box is a blessing. Not only is the box act as the baby’s bed, there are other little goodies that are packed into it!

Watch this short video to see it in action.

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