One Twin Dies During Childbirth, Then Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Doctors Tell Them THIS

Kate and David Ogg couldn’t wait to start a family, and though they struggled to get pregnant, they persevered. So, you can imagine their sheer happiness when they finally learned Kate was pregnant with not one, but two babies. It was twins! One boy and one girl, Jamie and Emily.

But things were about to take a terrifying, yet incredible, turn. The doctors said that the twins were very premature and needed to be born at only 6 and a half months into Kate’s pregnancy.

As the babies were born, the doctors sadly told Kate that her son, Jamie, didn’t survive childbirth. But if you’ve ever doubted the power of a loving mother, this video will make you rethink everything you know about parenting.

Watch the video below to hear what happened, from the amazing mother herself:

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