Poor Mom Chooses Between Taking $5,000 Or Giving It Away. But Look At Who Sits Next To Her

This is the story of two moms. Both love their families dearly, both are struggling financially, but only one of them has a difficult decision to make.

Radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O first meet Ashleigh, a mother of two. When Ashleigh’s father unexpectedly died, Ashleigh suddenly faced big costs that she didn’t know how to pay. That’s when Kyle and Jackie O stopped Kate, a mother of three, on the street. They asked Kate to choose between keeping $5,000 for herself or giving it to Ashleigh — a woman she had never met. The hosts let Kate hear Ashleigh’s story then gave her 24 hours to make the decision…

Kate made an extremely brave decision for herself and her family… check out the video below to see what happens:

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