This Powerful Short Video By Two Pixar Animators Is Way Darker Than Pixar Has Ever Gone

When we think of Pixar movies, we probably recall movies like Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E. Generally, Pixar makes family friendly movies to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

But in a recent twist, two Pixar animators made a short animated film called Borrowed Time that shocked a lot of viewers and challenged even themselves. It starts with a man standing on top of a cliff looking into the distance before it starts getting dark very quickly.

This short film has been made available for a limited time only so watch it while you can below:

The video certainly is more adult, but it still has the familiar Pixar look, with marvelously expressive characters and a tremendous attention to environment and modeling. Like so many Pixar features, Borrowed Time is expressly about family bonds, and how they heighten emotions — in this case, guilt and disappointment. This is a short vignette, but it’s effective and powerful.

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