Robert Downey Jr. Is Nervous To Sing With Sting But When He Steps To The Mic? Who Expected This

When Sting held a concert to celebrate his birthday, he invited many stars including Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Billy Joel. But it was when Robert Downey Jr. joined Sting on stage that really stunned the crowd. Not only is he a handsome, charming and talented actor, but who knew Robert Downey Jr. is also an incredible singer?!

Prepare to be amazed as these two megastars share an awesome duet together from one of Sting’s classics – “Driven To Tears”!

Robert Downey Jr. said he was a bit nervous to stand alongside his musical hero, not wanting to disappoint him on his birthday, but the second he opens his mouth it’s clear there’s nothing to be nervous about. Not only is his voice beautiful, but he manages to add that touch of gruff to his vocals, which makes him sound eerily similar to Sting himself.

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