Rude Woman At Coffee Shop Calls Him A ‘Dirty Biker’ And His Response Is Just Perfect

Biker and father Luc Perreault is a motorcycle-riding, tattoo-sporting, beer-drinking man. Even he admits he looks like he’s the type of guy who would “eat your soul if you stare at me wrong.”

But don’t judge a book by its cover.

Luc was test driving his mom’s motorcycle when he decided to take a quick break. He pulled into the parking lot of a Tim Horton’s restaurant in Canada. Since Luc tends to stand out in a crowd, he caught the attention of a curious little girl standing nearby with her mother.

Instead of being scared or intimidated by the big, burley man, this little girl simply wanted to say hello. The girl smiled at Luc and said hi. “Hello,” he replied. It was a short and sweet exchange.

But the girl’s mother grabbed her by the hand. Luc could hear her say, “We don’t talk to dirty bikers” as the pair hurried off.

Later that day, Luc took to Facebook to pen an open letter to the mother who pre-judged him, and his words really resonated with me. This is what he said:


Luc is the perfect example of why you should never, ever judge a book by its cover.

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