She Brushes Cornstarch On Her Bedroom Windows – Sounds Weird But Look At The End Result

Annabel is an artist living in London when she came up with a novel idea. Her bedroom window was lovely and let in lots of light BUT it wasn’t exactly very private as anyone can see in. However she wanted to keep her window blinds open in the morning.

So she picked up a paintbrush and started painting the window with cornstarch… scroll down to see why!


Her cornstarch mixture is made of two tablespoons of cornstarch with an equal amount of cold water, then a cup and a half of boiling water.

She then cut out a rectangle piece of lace, making sure there were no creases.


Annabel applied another thick layer of cornstarch on top, making sure to cover all the corners and using random patterns of brush strokes.


The best thing about using lace is that there are no air pockets — and if there’s a gap, Annabel says you can simply cut a small strip and starch-glue it over top.


In less than an hour, Annabel created an elegant way to bring more privacy to her personal space. And if you ever want to remove the lace, simply wash the windows with warm water.


The glass now looks incredibly beautiful and lets in light like before but maintains her privacy wonderfully.


The project is incredibly cheap for something that looks so beautiful. The perfect DIY project!


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