She Pours Listerine Onto Cotton And Rubs It On Her Armpit. Just Seconds Later? WHOA…

Most of us use Listerine as a mouthwash but actually it has a LOT of surprising uses! Listerine, originally formulated back in 1879, was developed as a surgical antiseptic and, historically, has been used for all sorts of things. It wasn’t until the 1970’s until it was marketed as mouthwash!

And with so many helpful ingredients in Listerine — for example thyme, eucalyptus, and alcohol — it’s no wonder this product is being used in so many creative ways.


These are the top 10 ways you can use Listerine in a very surprising way. And by the way, no we’re not getting paid by Listerine to write this!

Surprising Use #1: Rub It Under Your Arms

Have you ever found yourself without deodorant at a very inconvenient moment?

Well, Listerine is great for fighting underarm odors whenever you are in a pinch!

Simply pour some Listerine onto a cotton ball and gently dab it under your arms and voila – fresh armpits!


Surprising Use #2: Soak Your Feet In It

Listerine can be great for getting rid of toenail fungus.

Simply make yourself a Listerine foot bath and allow your toes to soak for half an hour.

Some even recommend mixing in a little bit of white vinegar for particularly bad cases.


Surprising Use #3: Pour It Down The Toilet

It might seem like you are throwing money down the toilet, but Listerine can actually clean and deodorize your bowl.

All you have to do is pour a little in and use your toilet brush to give things a light scrub. Not only will it clean your toilet, but it will also give it a great shine and a good smell.

Surprising Use #4: Rub It On Your Itches

As weird as it sounds, dabbing Listerine on your itchy bug bites can give you some much-needed relief.

Dental hygienist Carrie Ibbetson writes, “Listerine is my go-to source for stopping bug bites from itching like crazy.”

She also recommends using it for itchy reactions to poison ivy or poison oak!


Surprising Use #5: Wet Your Hair With It

This might surprise you but Listerine was once marketed as a way to get rid of dandruff!

Though it never became quite popular enough for this use, many suggest giving it a try.

Simply massage some Listerine onto the scalp, wrap your hair in a towel, and wash it out after you’ve allowed it to do its work!

Surprising Use #6: Rub It On Your Dog

Many pet owners skip expensive flea sprays and products, instead opting for a little bit of Listerine.

This flea-fighting method is a surprising alternative to sometimes harsh chemicals.

According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, try “mixing it with shampoo in a bath or diluting it with water and using it as a spray.”


Surprising Use #7: Put It On Your Face

Many will use mouthwash as a way to battle acne! Yes you read that right!

One happy Listerine user writes: “I have tried all types of antibiotics and topical prescriptions on the market. Nothing has worked as well as applying Listerine morning and night.”

Surprising Use #8: Stick Your Toothbrush In It

Just as Listerine is able to battle germs in your mouth, it can take care of the yucky germs on your toothbrush as well.

Fill your nightstand glass with a little bit of the mouthwash and let your toothbrush soak.

A couple of hours should be more than enough to do the trick!


Surprising Use #9: Spray It On Your Screen

People might think you are crazy to spray Listerine onto your computer or television screen, but it is a great way to clean things off.

Spray some on and use a soft cloth to wipe away fingerprints and unwanted gunk.

An added bonus will be the minty smell, as opposed to the “chemical smell” often accompanying normal cleaning products.

Surprising Use #10: Throw It Away

Powerful garbage odors can make your kitchen smell absolutely terrible.

But before you throw any garbage in the bag, put a Listerine-soaked paper towel at the very bottom of the bag. This will keep things smelling fresh and minty!


These unexpected uses of Listerine may seem strange, but if they can make your life better, why not give them a try?

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