Students Walk In On Exam Day Then They See THIS Written On Their Desks

Nothing sends shivers up a student’s spine quite like the word “EXAM!” Not only are the exams tough but there’s the associated stress of not knowing what to expect and the anxious wait for the exam too.

This teacher came up with a brilliant idea to help students cope – as her nervous students walked into the classroom on exam day, the students were all confronted with something extraordinary on their desks…


Teacher Chandni Langford, a fifth-grade teacher in New Jersey, decided to write a personal message to each student giving them a boost in encouragement!


She wrote in dry-erase marker, so that the messages could easily be wiped off before testing began, but made a special effort to let kids know how awesome they all are!


On one desk, she writes to a student, “Learning is your superpower!” while other desks are adorned with messages like, “Grow your brain!” and “It is going to be worth it!”

Her messages are clearly tailored to the individual learning style and needs of each kid in the class, targeting the specific challenges and strengths of each student.


Instead of signing “Mrs. Langford,” she also made a point of signing “Your Teachers,” a great way of showing the kids that everyone is pulling for them to succeed.

She also left a pair of donut holes on each desk as a special treat for the kids.


After all, for anyone who understands successful education, a teacher’s job is to encourage and inspire, not just to instill facts into a student. The students all LOVED Mrs. Langford’s kind gesture!


The school was also quick to applaud Mrs. Langford’s innovative system for encouraging her students. It must be a great feeling for students and parents alike to know they are in such good hands!

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