Teacher Has A Strange Feeling About Her Ex-Student But When She Looks At His Face? HORRIFYING!

Mrs Berry, a science teacher, was going about her day teaching her sixth grade class when she suddenly heard strange sounds coming from right outside her classroom door. She knew something was wrong, so she stopped her lesson and peeked outside in the hallway.

That’s when Berry noticed her former student, Gabe, in the hallway in what seemed to be a state of panic. Gabe’s face was turning white and his eyes were bulging. He pointed at his throat while his good friend alerted her to the fact Gabe was choking on a piece of candy. Mrs Berry immediately sprung into action despite having no first aid training before.

The terrifying ordeal was captured on camera, watch the short surveillance footage below:

Mrs Berry was honored with the Hometown Hero Award, and Gage’s parents surprised her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

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