The Worst Danger About Facebook That We Don’t Want To Admit

Let me get the record straight. Facebook is awesome. I love it and use it daily, if not hourly. But there’s something I’ve come to realize about Facebook and we all know it… but we don’t want to admit it. My realization?

Facebook has not improved my life.

We live under the pretense that Facebook makes our lives better. Sure, I can chat to my friends, see photos they’ve posted and browse the funniest cat photos of the day. But it comes at a huge cost.

We’ve given up face to face contact or even communication on the phone because it’s so much easier to just scroll down your Facebook newsfeed or comment on a photo. We’re missing out on real moments with people to have a cheap replica. When you think about generations before Facebook, people had to call or go to each other’s houses to meet and socialize. It’s ironic that for something called “social media”, it makes us a lot less social.

I heard a quote once – if you’re not paying for it, then you’re the product. This has never been truer in the case of Facebook. They spend millions to work out the best way to keep you on the site, scrolling past endless stories and pictures. And of course, wedged in between all this content are the Facebook ads that make Facebook into a billion dollar company (almost $240 billion last time I checked).

So am I going to stop using Facebook? No way Jose. But I’m going to try put Facebook into perspective in my life by remembering who my real friends are and investing in them, not in Facebook.