Tough Dad Wipes Away Tears When He Sees His Soldier Son On-Screen, But There’s One More Surprise

This burly father was celebrating his 50th birthday with friends and family but there was one very important person missing from the room decorated with streamers and banners: his son, who is a soldier, deployed and on duty.

When he sat in his chair to watch a video message from his boy, he was overcome with both happiness to see his face, and sadness because he couldn’t give him a big hug on this big day. His son, in a prerecorded video, guessed that his tough dad would be shedding tears after just a few moments of the video, and he was right.

His son had a big surprise for his old man though – he made the long trip back to see him… and dad’s reaction is priceless.

Check it out for yourself in this short video below:

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