Most Of Us Keep Valuables In The Hotel Safe But This Guy Shows You Exactly Why You Shouldn’t

When we’re on holiday, it’s usual for most people to stick their valuables in the hotel room safe – after all, who wants to carry their passport and all their cash around along with any gadgets?

However, this guy below is about to show you why you shouldn’t always trust these hotel safes. He was on a business trip when he suddenly realized he had forgotten the passcode to the room’s safe. When he calls for help, a hotel employee comes up immediately to open the safe but they didn’t use a special key. It turns out that these safes all have a standardized passcode that is the same for all the safes in the hotel.

While it’s great to know that if something goes wrong, someone with the responsibility of keeping this code a secret will be there to help, it seems that quite a few of the employees were well aware of this little hack.

Make sure you TEST your safe using the method in the video below before you use it!

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